Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) Service by SSL247®


A fully automated PKI management platform for securing a digital world.

The Sectigo Certificate Manager (SCM) is a platform that can manage digital identities and keys for all your devices, users and applications throughout your organisation. The SCM allows you to have full visibility and lifecycle control over all your digital certificates whilst future-proofing your business against threats.

Why choose SSL247® as your service provider?

Our accumulated portfolio of awards and accreditations mean our trusted consultants are the leading web security experts in Europe who have satisfied numerous high profiled clients over the years. By choosing SSL247® as your PKI providing specialist, your organisation will gain the same comprehensive level of support we've become renowned for as well as privileged access to exclusive market leading benefits including:

  • Bespoke and impartial consultations from our team of accredited consultants
  • 10+ years of multi-award winning experience and expertise
  • Multi-lingual support
  • Dedicated account managers
  • FREE security assessment to ensure your online business continuity is secured

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Automated PKI Management Platform
Built for the Modern Enterprise

Managing SSL certificates can be a challenge for most of companies. For companies with broad web environments, the lifecycle management process for each SSL certificate can often lead to manual errors or misconfiguration due to unexpected expirations. PKI reduces the risk for these events to happen by providing a full certificate lifecycle management for all of the company's online assets.


Identify, manage and automate the lifecycle of all digital certificates in your environment using ACME and DevOps tools. Instantly issue new certificates at scale across servers and devices to ensure business continuity.

Private PKI

Create and manage your own Private Certification Authority to support your business needs, including securing mobile and IoT devices, DevOps environments, cloud applications and more.

S/MIME Email Signing & Encryption

Ensure any remote workforce is protected and improve email security by providing end-to-end encryption and identity for email communications with seamless end-user deployment across any device.

Code Signing

Ensure software and application integrity by digitally signing your code. Sectigo Code Signing supports all file types from drivers and firmware to scripts and applications.

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Mobile Certificate Manager (MCM)

Issue and manage certificates across iOS and Android devices with or without an MDM, without user intervention, for a variety of uses such as S/MIME, Wi-Fi, VPN, and client authentication.


Validate your identity and role as a financial service provider to customers and other businesses, whilst also encrypting and authenticating sensitive data.

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Discover how a PKI can help your organisation

PKI Use Cases

Sectigo Certificate Manager seamlessly deploys and automates lifecycle management of PKI certificates. Speak with one of our certified PKI specialists to discover how you can benefit from the SCM. Use cases include:

  • Secure Web & Application Servers

    Automation of certificate lifecycle management & securing all servers in your environment

  • Enterprise Email Security With Signing & Encryption

    Automation of encrypted emails; stopping hackers and eliminating phishing scams

  • Secure Networked & Mobile Devices

    By replacing passwords and increasing trust with User Identity Certificates

  • Digital Identity Management for Zero Trust

    A single solution that adopts zero trust security and verifies every identity

  • Secure DevOps Containers & Code

    Simplifying DevOps with Sectigo’s PKI solution

  • Secure Application Development

    Protecting your users by delivering software products they can trust

  • Key Management in Public Cloud

    Create and manage cryptographic keys to protect sensitive data in the cloud

  • Multi Factor Authentication

    Validate user identity and prevent fraudulent access

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An Extensive Suite of Integrations

As part of Sectigo, we have direct integrations with all the leading DevOps containerisation & orchestration tools, the most common automation standards and the largest software companies in the world.

ICloud Mail
MCM portal
Microsoft Intune
Outlook Mail
Rest API
Single Sign On
Windows IIS

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Why Choose Sectigo for Enterprise PKI?


Industry leading multi-lingual support from our accredited and award winning team of in-house consultants


A single platform for discovery, reporting, installation and renewal for all public and private certificates


Secure every server, application, user or device with bespoke pricing models to fit your specific business needs


Seamlessly augment your existing Microsoft CA or other 3rd party CAs


Integrations for leading applications, DevOps tools and cloud key vaults


Zero-Touch deployment for effortless issue and install user and device certificates with a single click

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