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This error may occur during the import of the certificate

"java.lang.exception: Certificate reply does not contain public key for"


This error can occur when one of the following conditions are true:

During the Import:

  • the certificate has been installed into the incorrect keystore


  • the certificate has been installed into the incorrect alias



To solve this problem, ensure the following is true:

  • For the Incorrect Keystore: Locate and install into the correct one.  The Keystore must be the one that the CSR generated from to request the certificate.
    If a new keystore has been generated with the same name and alias, the hash will be different. In that case, the certificate will still not match the private key in the keystore.
  • For the incorrect Alias: Locate and install into the correct alias.  To check the alias, run the following command:

    keytool -list -v [keystore name]

    The correct alias will state Entry type: keyEntry


If the problem persists, a reissued certificate is required. Go to create CSR to create a new CSR and reissue your certificate in your MySSL® account.

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